Facing COVID-19 , being brave to innovate, CIEC Fairdata set sail again


On August 7, Bilibili World 2020 opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai. This is the first service project of Beijing CIEC Fairdata Company(CIEC Fairdata) in Shanghai this month after the epidemic, and it has taken the first step in this year’s exhibition information service.

Overcome the epidemic, seek development, and strive for new business drivers

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, exhibition industry of China has encountered great difficulties, with thousands of exhibition projects postponed or even cancelled. When the convention and exhibition industry in some regions resumed work, the organizers are still faced the problem of how to provide exhibitors and visitors with more convenient and efficient services on the premise of meeting the new requirements for epidemic prevention. CIEC Fairdata has made full use of its advantages to boldly adopt new technologies and new services to provide access control and ticketing related services for exhibitions of various regions. CIEC Fairdata will provide services for three exhibition projects in Shanghai this month, including access control services for Bilibili World 2020 Shanghai Station; ticket printing, online real-name registration, and access control ticketing services for China International Hardware Fair.; ticket printing, online real-name registration for professional visitors, WeChat ticketing system, and access control ticketing services for China Adult-Care Expo 2020.

In response to the epidemic, ID cards become admission tickets

In order to facilitate the audience and improve the experience, CIEC Fairdata has developed a real-name registration system. Unlike the previous ticket entry pattern, audiences and exhibitors only need to upload ID card photos after making an online reservation in advance. For real-name registration, you can use ID cards to enter the exhibition hall after passing the face recognition. This new entry method can not only realize the "quick clearance" of visitors and exhibitors, simplify the entry process, but also record the information of visitors, which is conducive to epidemic prevention and control tracking. It ensures the safe and smooth holding of the exhibition, and improves the efficiency and satisfaction of the visitors.

At present, epidemic prevention is still the top priority of all work. CIEC Fairdata has changed its thinking to adapt to the trend of epidemic prevention. It overcomes various difficulties and strives to expand business channels. By changing the ticket admission service model to the ID card admission service model, it ensures the smooth implementation of the project and makes a contribution to eliminate the negative effects of the epidemic on the exhibition service projects.