CIEC CEO He Cailong led team to visit SINOMACHINT


On August 18, 2020, CIEC CEO He Cailong and vice CEO Wang Xiaoguang led team to visit China National Machinery Industry International Co.,Ltd.(SINOMACHINT).


SINOMACHINT is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH), a large state-owned group and a Fortune Global 500 enterprise. SINOMACHINT specializes in areas such as international exhibitions, international trade, project contracting, and culture and media, as well as industrial investments related to these areas. SINOMACHINT has over 20 wholly- or partially-owned subsidiaries. In recent years, it has won in succession honorary titles such as the "Top 10 Most Influential Exhibition Companies of China Exhibition Industry", the "Most Influential Exhibition Company", and the "Most Influential Brand of China Automobile Trade", and proudly received the "Best Exhibition Organization Award of China". Today's SINOMACHINT has already grown into the largest and strongest centrally-administered enterprise in China automotive exhibition industry.


Xia Wendi, secretary of the party committee and chairman of SINOMACHINT, Zhao Lizhi, general manager, Wen Yimei, deputy general manager and Zhang Li extended a warm welcome to He Caigong and his delegation. He Cailong and his delegation visited the exhibition of pictures and models reflecting the historical development and main business contents of SINOMACH, and had talks with the leaders of SINOMACHINT.


Secretary Xia Wendi first introduced the organizational structure, institutional evolution, business development and other aspects of SINOMACHINT to He Cailong and his delegation. He said that SINOMACHINT has actively implemented the strategic plans of The Party Central Committee and the State Council in recent years. It helped enterprises, especially automobile and mechanical engineering enterprises, explore domestic and international markets, and built a platform for technological exchanges and trade exchanges for enterprises through exhibitions, conferences, forums and other forms. As the main force of the national exhibition team, the cooperation space between SINOMACHINT and CIEC is very broad. They look forward to further cooperating with CIEC to build high-quality exhibitions in the upcoming 2020 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition and other well-known brand exhibitions.


CIEC CEO He Cailong expressed his admiration for SINOMACHINT’s achievements in deepening the reform, optimizing integration resources and focusing on the innovation and development. He also introduced CIEC’s work on cooperation with major national foreign economic and trade activities, the implementation of the "One Belt and One Road" initiative to improve the level of overseas exhibitions, supporting local economic development and opening to the outside world, developing online exhibitions and other aspects. In the future, he said, CIEC and SINOMACHINT have great potential to deepen cooperation. Two companies can use their own resources and advantages to plan and organize high quality exhibition projects, expand business areas further by Beijing inside to outside, stretch from domestic to overseas and help our country to realize the strategy of "going out" and "bringing in".

The two sides held in-depth discussions on the internal and external environment facing the development of the exhibition industry under the current situation. They both agreed that as the leading enterprise of China exhibition industry, CIEC and SINOMACHINT have the common mission and responsibility to further deepen the strategic cooperation and lead exhibition enterprise to overcome the negative impact of COVID-19. 


In the upcoming 2020 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, two companies will earnestly do a good job in epidemic prevention and improve the service quality to make it a successful example under normalization of epidemic prevention and control, thus contributing to the full resumption of the exhibition industry, as well as to the "six ensure stability" work and the implementation of the "six ensure security" task.