CCPIT Exhibition Cloud Platform was awarded "Top 20 Online Exhibition Service Organizations in 2020"


  Recently, the “Top 20 Online Exhibition Service Organizations in 2020” list was released. Developed and operated by China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation(CIEC), CCPIT Exhibition Cloud Platform has won high recognition from the exhibition industry, ranking fourth in the list, keeping pace with Tencent Cloud Exhibition,Yunshang Exhibition Co., Ltd. (Alibaba), and JD Cloud Exhibition.

  This "Top 20 Online Exhibition Service Organizations" is evaluated by the first authoritative ranking list in the exhibition industry-"China International Conference Exhibition" magazine through expert discussions, industry recommendations, data research and other methods, and adopts a progressive, multi-dimensional selection and scoring indicators and scoring rules, and finally an authoritative list selected with detailed data, rigorous standards and real cases.

  With the outbreak of COVID-19, in the first half of 2020, the exhibition industry became a major development trend from physical to virtual, from offline to online. In April 2020, the “Notice on Innovating Exhibition Service Models and Cultivating New Drivers for the Development of the Exhibition Industry” issued by the General Office of the Ministry of Commerce pointed out that it is necessary to accelerate the transformation, upgrading and innovative development of the exhibition industry, and actively build a new platform for online exhibitions to promote the integrated development of online and offline exhibitions, and cultivate leading enterprises and brand exhibitions in online exhibitions. In this context, under the leadership of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, CIEC has successfully developed the CCPIT Exhibition Cloud Platform with the purpose of "consolidating online and offline, connecting domestic and international enterprises, serving Chinese and foreign enterprises, and building a trade promotion platform".

  Since the launch of the platform, the CCPIT Exhibition Cloud Platform has not only provided services for China-UAE Economic and Trade Digital Exhibition, China-Europe International Trade Digital Exhibition, China-Middle East Africa (Kenya) International Trade Digital Exhibition and other national online exhibition exchange activities , it also provides services for domestic market-oriented online exhibitions such as China (Shenyang) International Robot Digital Exhibition, China International Pension Industry Expo Cloud Exhibition, and traditional offline exhibitions such as China International Optical Fair, China International Coffee Exhibition, and the 9th Shenyang Faku International Flight Conference and General Aviation Emergency Application Industry Expo and established online exhibition platforms to provide support and services, served tens of thousands of exhibitors, attracted millions of professional sellers, and held hundreds of online match making meetings. In exchange meetings and trade fairs, thousands of trade transactions were reached through intelligent matching, with a transaction volume of several billion yuan, contributing to the promotion of the internal circulation of international trade and domestic consumption during the epidemic.