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    Emergency General hospital 

    Emergency General hospital is a large modern comprehensive hospital which combines medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and prevention as one. It is Beijing foreign medical hospital, Beijing union medical university teaching hospital and the "the poverty-stricken medical" designated hospitals in Beijing, at the same time is Asia international emergency rescue center (AEA) international relief fixed-point hospital.

    Address: No. 29 of south Xibahe Road

    Tel: 010-64667755

    Distance from Jing’anzhuang hall: 700 meters

    China-Japan Friendship Hospital 

    China-Japan Friendship hospital (China-Japan hospital) is a hospital directly under the national health and family planning commission of the People's Republic of China. The hospital was opened on October 23, 1984. It is located at No. 2 east Yinghua street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, with a building area of nearly 200,000 square meters (including the area under construction). It now has 1,500 beds, 68 clinical and medical departments, and China-Japan friendship clinical medical research institute and training center. The hospital integrates multiple functions such as medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, rehabilitation, prevention and health care. At the same time, it undertakes the central health care and rehabilitation tasks, foreign-related medical tasks, as well as the construction of the national health emergency response team base hospital. It is also the telemedicine management training center of the national health and family planning commission.

    Address: No. 2 east Yinghua street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

    Distance from Jing’anzhuang hall: 1700 meters

    Shunyi District Airport Hospital

    Shunyi District Airport hospital is a second-class comprehensive hospital and bear the community health service work of Houshayu town. It is a fixed-point medical insurance hospital of Beijing and a fixed-point public expenses hospital of Shunyi District. Also, it is a new rural cooperative medical care fixed-point hospital and Beijing general practitioner training base.

    Address: No.49 Shuangyu Street, Houshayu town, Shunyi District, Beijing


    Distance from Tianzhu New Hall: 1000 meters