Domestic Exhibition-Beijing Huagang Exhibition Co., Ltd. (formerly Zhongzhan Overseas Company)


Beijing Huagang inherited overseas exhibition projects from Zhongzhan Overseas company and retained the brand of "Zhongzhan Overseas". Zhongzhan Overseas is specialized in overseas and domestic exhibition business. It is one of the earliest companies in China to provide overseas exhibition services. With rich experience, excellent team and outstanding performance, it enjoys a good reputation in the exhibition industry. In 2015, Zhongzhan Overseas and Beijing Huagang, which are also members of CIEC, underwent an institutional merger and business reorganization, and uniformly appeared under the name of Beijing Huagang.

◆ Exhibition All Over the World: So far, Beijing Huagang has organized nearly 15,000 Chinese companies to participate in more than 600 internationally renowned professional exhibitions, involving consumer goods, textiles and clothing, building materials and hardware, mechanical and electrical products, energy and IT and many other industries. It is among the best in the exhibition industry, and has been commended by CCPIT many times. Moreover, it has been rated as the most influential organization for overseas exhibitions by relevant domestic institutions.

◆ Service Concept: While Beijing Huagng develops and grows, it carefully fosters a professional, united and active corporate culture. It advocates the service concept of "customer-centric and create the greatest value for customers", and takes 100% customer satisfaction as the work goal, and also provides a stage for employees to show themselves and realize themselves.

◆ Global Perspective: Beijing Huagang follows the development needs of the industry and enterprises to expand exhibitions from the traditional European and American regions to the world, especially the emerging markets. Over the years, it has provided thousands of Chinese companies with information and solutions to attend global exhibitions: from booth decoration, exhibit logistics, exhibit display, customer invitations, media interviews, technical exchange meetings, sponsored events, promotional items production to onsite staff hire and business travel arrangements.

◆ Partners: Over the years, Beijing Huagang has established close cooperative relationships with internationally renowned expo institutions from Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Brazil, the Middle East, Russia, South Korea and other countries, as well as Taiwan. It is the official partner of dozens of international exhibitions and the exclusive Chinese agent and organizer of many well-known exhibitions. It locates the most accurate target customers for the famous and new exhibitions of partners and brings best buyers for the exhibition to gain stable growth.

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