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Beijing Zhongzhan International Exhibition Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CIEC, is a state-owned enterprise with a certain scale and a long history in China engaged in the design, production and construction of exhibition projects. Its predecessor was China International Exhibition Engineering Co., Ltd. under CCPIT, which was China's first export-oriented enterprise with the right to undertake foreign exhibition projects.

Since entering the exhibition engineering market in 1983, Zhongzhan Engineering has been undertaking large-scale exhibition projects organized by the Chinese government at home and abroad. On behalf of China, it has participated in exhibition engineering for many world expos, international trade expos and large-scale China trade exhibitions held abroad. With the continuous increase of business volume, it grows to take other exhibition-relevant business such as the design and construction of museums and exhibition halls.

At present, Zhongzhan Engineering has rich experience of serving hundreds of well-known customers with construction managers in more than 70 countries and regions. Its plant covers an area of 26,000 square meters and owns complete sets of advanced processing equipment. With professional engineers who have rich experience in the industry, it can provide guarantee for efficient and high-quality services.

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Address: 6th Floor, Comprehensive Service Building, China International Exhibition Center, 6 North Third Ring Road East, Beijing 100028

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