Property Management-Beijing Zhongzhan Pacific Property Management Co., Ltd.


Beijing Zhongzhan Pacific Property Management Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of CIEC, located on the fourth floor of Hall 1 in the China International Exhibition Center. Set office, catering and conference in one, there are cafes, catering areas in the hall, and can undertake various business negotiations, meetings, coffee breaks, buffet services, etc. It is the exclusive agent of various on-site service businesses for exhibitions in the China International Exhibition Center, including the rental of electrical appliances, flowers, green plants, national flags, bunting and other items. Furthermore, it can provide exhibition cleaning and parking services for exhibitors.

Tel for Office Rental:  0086-10-8460 0638/0648

Tel for Catering Services:  0086-10-8460 0626/0522 (Provide a variety of hot and cold drinks, fast food, buffet, box lunch reservation and conference services.)

Tel for Rental Service: 0086-10-8460 0515 (Provide rental and sales of various national flags, buntings, flowers, green plants and other items.)

Tel for Cleaning Service:0086-10-8460 0503

Tel for Parking Service: 0086-10-8460 0537